Best Foundation For Flawless Skin: Get Skin To Win

Damn, girl. Your skin looks amazing! Who doesn’t want hear that? Celebrity makeup artist Victoria Duke knows first hand the secret to creating flawless skin. She knows it’s in creating the perfect canvas by using the best foundation possible. Without the right canvas, no matter what else is added to the makeup equation, it just won’t have that wow factor that you want.

Yet, finding the best foundation can often seem like a daunting task for many. That’s why Victoria used her years of experience and pro touch to create what many have referred to as pure magic in a bottle.

Makeup: Victoria Duke Beauty

What’s The Best Foundation For Flawless Skin? Skin To Win, Illuminating Foundation Is Called The Holy Grail

Victoria believes that for all of us in search of the holy grail of foundation, the secret is in the formula. The best foundation needs to be completely light defusing and yet also weightless in texture while still providing perfect coverage.

What You Want In A Foundation: Advice From A Top Celebrity Artist

The best foundation will seem to illuminate the skin from within. It will be hydrating yet never oily. And, it will not slide or change color throughout the day.

Your goal is to look like you have nothing on. You want your skin to be radiant, healthy, glowing, luminous and flawless. The best foundation needs to do that for you.

What Victoria created in Skin To Win is a revolutionary new formula. It’s a perfect blend of of light reflective particles infused with a potion of anti-oxidants and good for your skin hydrators. By the way, we love that the special mix of ingredients won’t clog your pores. Who doesn’t want that?

How Celebrities and Reigning Beauty Queens Get Their Glow: Why It’s Called “Skin To Win”

Well, it seems that everyone wants it. Skin To Win now has a cult following and is the go-to foundation for a countless number of top celebrities who immediately fell in love with it. It’s also the secret weapon and choice of reigning beauty queens across the globe.

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