Miss Jacksonville USA & 

Miss Jacksonville Teen USA

March 01, 2014


Rachel Sivaperagas introduces herself to the audience /  

Hannah Kelsey answers the onstage question


The Road To Hollywood ventured North on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as we visited Duval County for the Miss Jacksonville USA & Miss Jacksonville Teen USA Pageants. Our oldest and most traditional stop in the Sunshine State took place for the third year at the Wilson Theater on the campus of Florida College. Hosted by Miss Jacksonville USA 2011 Sara Sykes and Miss Atlantic Beach USA 2014 Elise Lobb with assistance from Miss Jacksonville USA 2014 Erin Winters and Miss Jacksonville Teen USA 2014 Jessic Brinson as the near sellout audience was ready to get the pageant started!


The show began with a high energy choreographed opening dance number with the delegates and members of the Scott Jones School of Dance in an homage to the afternoon’s theme of the Disco ‘70’s. Then it was time for self-introductions by the six Miss Jacksonville Teen USA delegates and followed by the seven Miss Jacksonville USA delegates in their favorite dresses. Then the traditional competitions onstage began with the Interview Competition with onstage speeches and blind draw questions. The fun continued with one or two-piece Swimwear then Evening Gowns of the delegates choosing completed the pageant. took place Saturday afternoon as the judges met the delegates in individual judging.  




Rhianna Lindsey (purple), Ms. Lopez (orange) and Ms. Sims(pink) in the Swimwear competition



Jaelyn Benyard (pink), Miss Namen (black) and Raven-Rochelle Ramsey (blue) in their Evening Gowns




Then it was time for emotional farewell from both Miss Brinson and Ms. Winters as pageant tradition call for the final walks of the reigning titleholders. Then it was time for The Miss Jacksonville Teen USA results to head to center stage for the announcements:

2nd Runner Up is Taylor Age

1st Runner Up is Natasha Namen

The New Miss Jacksonville Teen USA 2015 is Savannah Tanney!


Then it was time to announce the Miss Jacksonville USA results:

2nd Runner Up is Gabriella Lopez

1st Runner Up is Katelyn Sims

The New Miss Jacksonville USA 2015 is Sarah Rogers!


Once again another great visit to the First Coast as The Jacksonville Pageant Team and Executive Directors Kevin and Cammie Sanders and their staff of hard working volunteers ran an exceptional pageant! Also a big congratulation’s goes to Ms. Rogers and Miss Tanney on their victories and entry to state in Hollywood! Up next is our second competition of the weekend as we visit Stuart for the Miss Treasure Coast USA Pageant on “The Road to Hollywood!”            




Miss Tanney’s and Ms. Roger’s winning moments





Team Jacksonville USA 2015