Miss Boca Raton USA & 

Miss Boca Raton Teen USA

August 07, 2011


The Road To Hollywood opened up the 2013 season as we ventured north on I-95 to Palm Beach County and for a highly competitive Miss Boca Raton USA Pageant with nine delegates competing for the two titles. The Boca Marriott Towne Centers Grand Ballroom hosted the tenth version of the pageant as three Miss USA and six Miss Teen USA delegates competed for either the first or last ticket to state depending on the division.  




Mercedes Smith in her red opening outfit / Julia Vega introduces herself to the audience



The evening started by introducing the reigning titleholders Stephanie Jacques, Miss Boca Raton USA 2012 and Riley Nowell Miss Boca Raton Teen USA 2011. After setting the scene for the evening’s competition it was time to bring out the delegates. The delegates introduced themselves to the audience by age division with the Teen USA Division with their white cocktail dresses while the USA Division delegates were attired in red cocktail dresses of their own choosing. After the cast completed their introductions it was back onstage for the interview questions. They were drawn from a bowl of interview questions and were assisted by Miss Boynton Beach Teen USA 2011 Gina Simpson and Miss Jupiter Teen USA 2011 Dara D’Amato. 




Gabriella Nelson is interviewed by Miss D’Amato and Miss Simpson




Then the swimsuit competition took place as the delegates competed in either one or two piece suits of their own choosing. Then it was everyone’s favorite The Evening Gowns were up next. Fashion was on display as the delegate competed in gowns of their own choosing. 



Miss Thoby (yellow), Miss Sims (silver)

and Kenisha Briggs (white) in the Swimwear Competition



Miss Paris (black), Miss Jacobson (blue)

and Ms. May (yellow) in the Evening Gown Competition




After a few moments to get to know our traveling titleholders it was time to bring Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez to the podium for the final results. The entire cast back was brought onstage stage to announce the special awards that also qualify the winners for state. First was Miss Photogenic and that was l while Miss Amity went to Mercedes Smith. All of these winners thus qualified for their respective state pageants.


Then the final results were announced with Miss Boca Raton Teen USA being read first:


1st Runner Up is Galit Sims

Miss Boynton Beach Teen USA 2012 is Kiara Paris

Our Miss Boca Raton Teen USA 2012 is Maria Jacobson


Then it was time to announce the new Miss Boca Raton USA:

The new Miss Boca Raton USA 2013 is Ieschia May




Miss Paris and Miss Jacobson’s winning moment



What a great evening of pageantry! Congratulations to our Miss Boca Raton USA team of Barbara Ewald and Grant Gravitt, Jr. along with their outstanding group of staff and volunteers ran a very nice pageant. Job well done! Also congratulations to Ms. May, Miss Paris and Miss Jacobson as they are now headed to state. The Road to Miss Florida USA next Sunday makes its only stop in Central Florida in our “mini-season” as Miss Lake Eola USA & Teen USA takes place in Orlando with our newest title.




Team Boca Raton USA 2013