November 2, 2007









Our Miss Florida USA 2008 Jessica Rafalowski was a special guest at this years annual Minority Mentoring BBQ at Amelia Erhardt Park in Hialeah. Sponsored by The Florida Bar Association this was quite the place to be for those in the legal business. Lawyers, Judges, and even a former Attorney General were in attendance as the day matched youngsters with mentors from the legal world. It was also politics in play as the election year brought out all the big players of the region.


There was also a college mentor program so all of the major state universities were represented. Ms. Rafalowski met up with the Stetson contingent as well as those from Florida International, Nova Southeastern, FAMU, Florida and my favorite, The University of Miami. As a senior marketing major Ms. Rafalowski also met several members of the Legal Marketing Association and learned of different career options.




With our friend for the day, Chris!




But the highlight of the day was connecting with the youngsters at the event. Ms. Rafalowski was the hit of the day as wherever she went a crowd gathered. With a session of hula-hooping; soccer; and a trip to the petting zoo our Miss Florida USA really connected with the children while promoting academics and positive living along the way.



With former Attorney General Janet Reno and friends



Stetson is in the house! (left) Cooking Lunch! (right)



With the head of The Florida Bar Association  (left) &

our hosts for the afternoon, The Neilsonís




With The Florida International Law School Alumni









By Tia McDonald

Miss Space Coast Teen USA 2008


I would like to share a story of hope, faith, and believing in your dreams. Itís my hope to inspire all teens to follow your dreams, and believe they can come true. Every girl wants to meet Ryan Sheckler, right? Well, most teen guys do too!


Last month I told my Mom I wanted to meet him, and she said," Tia then figure out how!" A week later I found out he would be in Orlando at The Action Sports Dew Tour, along with every top biker, and skaters from all over the world!

My Mom ordered tickets right away, however I knew I wasn't going to stand with 100,000 other girls hoping to get a glimpse of him. I really had to get into the mode of power of positive thinking. I called Mr. Kennedy, Editor of the Observer, and told him I needed a Media badge and picked it up a few days later. Upon arriving at the TD Waterhouse, I went up to security, and said. Hi, Iím Tia McDonald, Teen Writer for the Observer Newspaper, and Iím here to do a few interviews for my upcoming story. He said he would escort me to the Media Department, and see if its o.k.


I was told, Sorry! Ryan isn't doing any interviews and is wayyy too busy! I chuckled knowing they obviously donít know my determination, and asked if they would give me a backstage pass anyway to interview other skaters. The head lady finally gave me one! The rest was history.  






My friend Desi Stone and I were hanging with the guys! We actually got to escort Ryan, to his autographs, met Ryanís Dad, and younger brother, along with his friends from his show, Life with Ryan. We met the most famous skaters from all over the world!


Day Two. We gave up our Media Passes for VIP passes thanks to our Pro-Skater friends! We hung out with the production team for MTV, and were with all the skaters & bikers in their VIP room, where they all hang out, to wait for their events.

Iím not just writing this to brag, but also to encourage my peers to dream big, donít give up on your dreams, and follow through to make them happen. I believe my star fascination is because these are all people who followed their dreams, and do what it takes to make them happen.


From being on the set of Hannah Montana in California, to hanging with Ryan Sheckler. Iím making dreams come true. So can you! Lets let this be an article on encouragement!




Ľ Kudos & Did You Knows

- Did You Know that our Miss Florida USA Alumni (1st ru Ď95 &í96) and former judge Jennifer Bini Taylorís latest role is 
on "Two and a Half Men" and will be seen this upcoming Monday night November 5th on CBS (9PM Eastern Time). 
The highest rated comedy on television sees our Mrs. Bini-Taylor in a possible recurring role. Way to go Jennifer! 


- Did You Know that our Miss Florida USA 2005 Melissa Witek was hired by Under Armour to shoot for their Winter 
2007 catalog. Ms. Witek was originally scouted by Under Armour during the Miss USA 2005 competition and has 
become a recurring model for their campaigns.  For updates on other things that the former Miss Florida USA has 
een up to, surf over to Way to keep up that great figure Melissa!



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We have found a great host for all of our pictures before they are formally posted here on our home page. Visit as we have posted over 150 photos from this past pre-tape weekend. We will also post all timely pictures there after preliminary pageants and special appearances. Always trying to stay ahead of the communications cure here at Miss Florida USA!







If you enjoy reading the stories of our Miss Florida USA Family and want us to know what great things are happening either during or after you reign please email us at We love touting our sorority of outstanding Florida women. Please send us a paragraph (or two) on your appearances, awards or community service and include pictures. We want you to have all of the support of this great lifestyle we call Miss Florida USA!






Ľ Alumni News Wanted!  


If you know of any Miss Florida USA alumni in the news please drop us an email to feature them in future articles. Email all info to! Until next week here to good pageantry!









Collectively our Picture of The Week Committee said upon viewing todayís winner ďcheck out the color of the sky!Ē Miss Philippines Jeanne Haru poses for the 2007 Miss Earth beauty pageant while a magnificent sunset was underway at the Golden Sunset Resort at Calatagan, Batangas province about 110 kilometers south of Manila. Good luck at Miss Earth Ms. Haru and congratulations on being awarded our POTW!





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