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Dear Miss Florida USA Family:  


Welcome to another edition of YOUR Miss Florida USA & Miss Florida Teen USA Magazine YOUR information source for everything pageantry in the Sunshine State. What a great pageant weekend it was in Clearwater as we now have three more titleholders thanks to Citrus Productions and Michael Galanes. It was so much fun to see so many members of The Miss Florida USA Family as well as meet the new delegates in our great system. Now it’s onto Sarasota for the West Coast USA Pageant. Four titles in each division means our field is growing and it’s only December!


This weeks Magazine includes a report from last weekends Miss Tampa USA Pageant along with a report on this weekends Miss West Coast USA Super Pageant. In Faces & Places we catch up with several Miss Florida USA alumni while The Road To Miss USA features Miss Massachusetts USA’s father’s efforts in pursuit of the title. All of this at YOUR Miss Florida USA Magazine! 


Until next week here’s to good pageantry!


Grant H. Gravitt, Jr.

Executive Producer

Miss Florida USA & Miss Florida Teen USA


1 Day until Miss West Coast USA!

34 Days until Miss Polk County USA!






Tampa Bay Pageant Weekend

December 4 & 5, 2004

It was a great pageant weekend as Citrus Productions presented the fourth annual Miss Tampa USA at the Harborview Center right on the bay of Clearwater. Three titles in both the Miss USA & Miss Teen USA divisions for the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater were on the line. The weekend was twenty-one delegates competing for the Miss Teen USA titles and twenty-two delegates in the Miss USA division all competing for entry into the state finals in 2005.


Saturday night started the competition with the preliminary interview competition at the Clearwater Beach Hilton. This is where the judges met the young ladies competing for the first time. The preliminary interview awards went to Jaime Strommando and Ashley Elia in the Teen USA division while Nari Gill and Sienna Osta were best in interview in the Miss USA division.


This years judging panel: Brian Kessler; Los Angeles Television Personality and Shop NBC host; Corina Clark; pageant consultant and former Miss Florida Teen USA finalist; Tony Vargas; physical fitness trainer; Donna Brown; Barbizon International and Mrs. Florida America 2002; Keith McManus; owner of talent agency “Fusion Management Group”; Janet McCulloh; Mrs. Connecticut United States and former Air Force Aircraft Technician; and Harold Mosely; leading Tampa are model.


A Sunday matinee awaited the sold out audience at the beautiful Harbourview Center! The delegates opened the pageant with a holiday dance number complete with Candy Cane props! Pageant director Michael Galanes and his Citrus Productions team really had the girls ready for this afternoon of pageantry. After introducing special guests Miss Tampa USA 2005 Lori Duncan and Miss Florida USA (and former Miss Tampa Teen USA) Victoria Ratliff, the reigning titleholders assisted with the delegate’s self-introductions.





While the delegates were changing into swimwear the audience was introduced to several of the Miss Florida USA family as both prelim directors and titleholders were aplenty! Amongst those in attendance included Miss Seminole Teen USA Savannah Stevens, Miss Melbourne Teen USA Stephanie Camp; Miss Polk County Teen USA Tatiana Schoepler; Miss Miami Beach Lyndsey Coburn who all looked great in crown and banners. 


Then it was time to meeting our Mistress of Ceremonies Jennifer Nohra who once again did an outstanding job of hosting the afternoon. Up first was the swimsuit preliminary competition. The delegates were presented in one or two-piece suits of their own choosing. The swimsuit winners were Jamie Strammondo in the Teen USA division while Caryn Stamp won in the Miss USA division.


After song performances by our very own Miss Florida Teen USA Victoria Ratliff as well as Miss Tampa USA 2004 Ann Poonkasem and eleven year old Nicolette Clark the crowd was rocking! Then it was everyone’s favorite competition, Evening Gowns. It was fashion on parade as the gowns in the pageant were fierce! This was one tough competition.


Then with the competition over it was time to announce the finalists for the Miss Tampa Teen USA titles; the ten delegates advancing to the final vote were Melissa Miller; Megan Polly; Tiffany Wommack; Nicole Boyd; Janelle McKee; Amanda Masson; Tess Wilensky; Jaime Strammondo; Kymberlee Layton and Brenda Orcutt. Then the Miss Tampa USA finalists were announced; Caryn Stamp; Jami Lynn Daniels; Danielle Roemer; Meghan Isom; Veronica Sanabani; Julianne Pruitt; Jasmine Fletcher; Shilah Goodwin; Nari Gill and Deanna Pollina.


After more performances from Miss Poonkasem and Miss Ratliff it was time to announce the winners. The first awards were presented to Miss Amity and the winners were Kymberlee Layton (Teen USA) and Melissa Trippy (Miss USA) as voted on by the delegates themselves. Then the photographers voted on Miss Photogenic and the winners were Amanda Masson (Teen USA) and Jami Lynn Daniels (Miss USA). Finally the Peoples Choice Award Winners were Jaime Strammondo (Teen USA) and Carlisia Martin (Miss USA). These award winners are now eligible for the state competitions.


After the ceremonial final walk by Miss Tampa USA 2005 Lori Duncan, it was time to announce the results starting with The Miss Tampa Teen USA division.


4th Runner Up – Melissa Miller

3rd Runner Up – Tiffany Womak

2nd Runner Up – Amanda Masson

1st Runner Up – Megan Polley


Miss Clearwater Teen USA 2006 is Tess Wilensky!

Miss St. Petersburg Teen USA 2006 is Brenda Orcutt!

Miss Tampa Teen USA is Jamie Stramondo!





Then the final results for Miss Tampa USA 2006:

4th Runner Up – Meghan Isom

3rd Runner Up – Jamie Lynn Daniels

2nd Runner Up – Caryn Stamp

1st Runner Up – Deanna Pollina


Miss Clearwater USA 2006 is Julianne Pruitt!

Miss St. Petersburg USA 2006 is Danielle Roemer!

Miss Tampa USA 2006 is Nari Gill!





Congratulations to all of the winners in The Tampa Bay Pageant Weekend! It was quite the fun weekend. Kudos to Pageant Director Michael Galanes and his Citrus Productions Staff on a great pageant! The Road To Hollywood now heads south on I-75 as next weekend sees The West Coast Pageant Weekend with seven titles up for grabs. See you next weekend in Sarasota!






» THIS WEEKEND: WEST COAST SUPERPAGEANT! Four titles are up for grabs this weekend at The West Coast Super Pageant this Saturday night at The Sarasota Bay Shore High School Performing Auditorium. Miss West Coast USA; Miss Sarasota USA; Miss Ft. Meyers USA & Miss Manatee County USA will be awarded as well as Miss Teen USA titles. The pageant starts promptly at 7:00pm and will be hosted by former Miss Florida Katy Carson. Should be some fierce competition with twenty delegates in each age category. Look for results and pictures right here at this coming Monday. 



Directions To West Coast Super Pageant:

Bay Shore High School
Take I-75 to: exit #217B towards BRADENTON - go 7.5 mi
Continue on 53RD AVE - go 1.3 mi
Turn on 34TH ST W - go 0.1 mi
Arrive at 5401 34TH ST W, BRADENTON
The Pageant starts 7pm!



» Miss Polk County USA/Teen USA Pageant Prep Day: Join the Win the Crown girls, Julie Broughton and Shannon Williams for an afternoon of pageant fun December 11th!  This workshop will answer all of your questions and help you get ready for the upcoming Miss Polk County USA/Teen USA pageants.  Our new titleholders will be crowned the weekend of January 15th and 16th 2005 at the Embassy Suites I-Drive in Orlando.


This complimentary orientation will feature fitness & nutrition specialist Patrick Diver of Lifetime results.  He’ll tell you about the most effective way of training to be swimsuit ready by competition day.  We’ll show you examples of appropriate wardrobe options for all budgets.  Make up artist George T. Reed will also demonstrate techniques for stage and interview application.


The reigning Miss Polk County Teen USA Tatiana Schoeppler will be on hand to chat answer your questions.  She’ll tell us about her experience preparing for the state competition, and how it felt to place 3rd runner up out of 56 contestants!


In addition to all this, we’ll give you an edge on securing sponsorship to cover your pageant expenses.  You won’t want to miss our interview prep session as well as lessons on stage presence/modeling.  Again, there is no charge to you for this workshop!   For more information, please contact us at or call (407) 877-0468.




Miss Florida USA 2006

Delegates Entered: 8

Delegates Eligible: 41


Miss Florida Teen USA

Delegates Entered: 8

Delegates Eligible: 28



Every week more delegates become eligible to compete at state. The season started with qualifiers from the past year. All of each pageants top15 qualify along with Miss Amity & Miss Photogenic. Each preliminary pageant qualifies delegates as “at large” status with their finalist, amity, photogenic and peoples choice awards. This weekend – 4 entries Miss USA 4 entries Miss Teen USA to be awarded!




The second time is the charm for Pageant Dad!

By Victor Paul Alvarez


Even more ecstatic than the winner of this year's Miss Massachusetts pageant -- a 21-year-old Bridgewater State College beauty named Cristina Nardozzi -- was the winner's dad. That's because Bill Nardozzi, a retired cop from Seekonk, spent every day for three months hustling sponsors so that his little girl could make a second attempt at the crown. (Cristina was second runner-up last year.) When his daughter was judged dreamier than 62 other women, Nardozzi, 47, who sometimes walks with a cane, raced around the Quincy Marriott exclaiming, "My baby won! My baby won!" Last week, we talked to Nardozzi about being a stage dad.


Q: How'd your daughter get involved in this?

A: I got a flyer, and I thought she might like it.

Q: She was second runner-up last time, and won 'Miss Photogenic.' What's that mean?

A: She takes pictures well, I guess. She comes out real beautiful in pictures.

Q: How much money did you raise to do this?

A: From June 1 until Oct. 17, I worked my butt off. I raised $10,000, no bull.

Q: What'd you do with it all?

A: These outfits cost a lot of money. The gown cost $1,200. There's an offstage outfit, an onstage outfit, all the shoes, bathing suits . . . You could spend $100,000 on this thing.

Q: Isn't it weird to have a roomful of people ogling your daughter?

A: Nah. It's all done professionally. It's a full bikini, not sleazy. It doesn't bother me at all.

Q: What's next?

A: In April, Cristina competes for the Miss USA title in Baltimore. Donald Trump will be there.

Q: You like him?

A: I got two things I want -- my daughter to win and to be with Donald in the boardroom. I hope he hires my daughter. 


Miss Massachusetts has strong local roots

SEEKONK - Millions of people around the world will watch Seekonk's Cristina Nardozzi compete in the Miss USA pageant in April. Satellites will beam her image all over the world. They'll tell of her high jump record at Bridgewater State University and of her aspirations to broadcast television. She'll be famous.

And when it's all done, no matter what the outcome, she'll come back home to Massachusetts and give everything she can to the community she's loved for 21 years. She's already Miss Massachusetts USA, but to talk to her, it's as if she'd be happy to be Miss Seekonk. " I'm hoping to put myself and Seekonk on the map," she said just days after her Miss Massachusetts USA win. I love Seekonk. “It's an unbelievable town."

Cristina Nardozzi beams after being crowned Miss Massachusetts USA at the Quincy competition.

The town seems to love her right back. The flowers and cards of congratulations have poured into Ms. Nardozzi's home. People stop her on the street and wish her the best. After she won, she dropped into Aitken School, which she attended as a child, and visited the classrooms. They cheered for her. Former teachers sent flowers.

"The flowers haven't stopped coming. The town has been wonderful to me," she said.

She plans to use her title to give back to the community that's been giving to her for years. She credits much of her success to the Seekonk School system. It's where she developed her love of sports and her poise as a performer. Those middle school sports programs that helped her flourish in the high school and college track arena are currently in danger. With the power that comes with her new title, she plans to save them.

"I read in the news recently that Hurley Middle School has given up on the sports. For me, that's where I started my track and field career," she said.

She wants other students to have the same chance.

Recently, science and math clubs, and the school's baseball, basketball, softball, and four intramural sports programs, have all been cut at the school due to budget problems. A parent-based committee is working to raise funds to restore the basketball, intramural sports, and after-school academic programs there. They've got a champion in Ms. Nardozzi.

"I think it would be a shame for children not to have the opportunity I had. For the next five months, as Miss Massachusetts USA, a lot of doors will open up for me. I'm getting corporate offices to sponsor me, and a portion of that is going to go to the schools for Seekonk sports," she said.

"I want to offset some of the costs and bring back the sports. This town and those sports programs helped to create who I am today," she said.

Nancy Dobie coached Ms. Nardozzi in those middle school days. She knew the girl had promise from the beginning, and she said the middle school experience helped shape that promise into success.

"She's a classy gal," Ms. Dobie said. "She just presents herself so well and I know that all those (sports) experiences had a wonderful impact on her life."  Ms. Dobie worked as a physical education teacher in the Seekonk School system for 34 years. She retired in 1999 and still remembers Ms. Nardozzi as a youngster with guts and poise.

"She was a very graceful and self-determined girl. I really think that her opportunities in track and field were very important in giving her the self-confidence, the poise and grace; whether you're presenting yourself on a runway as Miss Massachusetts USA, or you're presenting yourself to the high bar before you get your composure," she said. "Before you take that first step you have to be totally in control, mind body and spirit. And that is she." 



Meet Miss Massachusetts USA

NAME: Cristina Nardozzi

AGE: 21


EDUCATION: Student at Bridgewater State College; Communications major

ATHLETICS: Three-year member of the women's indoor track and field program at Bridgewater; holds the high jump record at 5'4."

INTERNED: In the sports department at WHDH 7 in Boston

SWIMSUITS: Semifinalist in the Sports Illustrated Fresh Faces Swimsuit Competition

OVERSEAS: Went to Athens, Greece, worked as a tour guide.

FUTURE: Hoping for career in television broadcasting

MISS USA PAGEANT: This April in Baltimore; the winner advances to the Miss Universe Competition to be held in China later in the year.



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